Le Grand Dolmen de Lauriol   Leave a comment

The first post in months : I plead – two months without internet or telephone; road-fuel heading towards the millionaires-only level; family dramas featuring a broken foot and a serious bi-polar episode – oh and a global financial meltdown. I am the schoolboy with five too many excuses. Any one of these would have been enough to cause a suspension of this blog. But it does mean that the ‘historic events’ that are now engulfing the world are taking precedence over the ‘prehistoric events’ I’ve been exploring locally. I have started writing under a different banner – http://www.bloodyparadise.wordpress.com – in parallel to this.

The tide of crises has receded for the moment and so, as the brilliant summer weather segues into a glorious autumn, I feel ready to sally forth on my old stone hunt – now behind the wheel of a resuscitated but frugal ’87 Peugeot 205 diesel (the Grey Rat) rather than the thirsty ’87 Renault Trafic nine-seater ( the ‘Van de Pays’, or ‘Blue Whale’ as some groups call the beast.)

We explored two dolmens today: one is marked on the IGN Blue Series map at Lauriol but the other, less than a kilometre away at Mousse, is not.

Lauriol dolmen 4

Lauriol dolmen with Alaric in the distance

For more on this and the nearby Mousse dolmens, go to the respective Pages, right.


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