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This passage grave, restored at the same time as its grander neighbour to the east, is less imposing. But the dig revealed that it was in continuous use for many centuries, and from the diversity and quantity of funerary objects found here, it is thought to be a collective burial site dating from around 3000BC.


Both photos are from the chevet or headstone end.

It measures 5 m. long and 60 cm. wide. There is a definite widening at the short ( 1m. x 80 cm. to 1 m. 70 cm.) main chamber, giving the appearence of an angled corridor grave.

The chevet is 70 cm. high and 1m. 70 long.


The Captain from Megalithic Portal expresses surprise at its SW orientation. It is to be precise, set at 240 ° or W S-W, which in this part of Languedoc/Catalunya is not unusual at all, the region displaying a mixof orientations from westering to easterly. This diverity reflects the egion’s position as a trading nexus or cultural crossroads – with influences flowing southwards from the Atlantic seaboard and down the Rhone, northwards from Iberia, and west from the Mediterranean. Grave-goods from Ireland, central Europe, southern Spain and Greece have been found in tombs of this period.

For more on orientations see ‘Orientations of Dolmens in Southern France and Catalunya.’
Hoskin, Michael
St Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

This paper appears in: Environment Identities and Mediterranean Area, 2006. ISEIMA ’06. First international Symposium on
Publication Date: July 2006
On page(s): 418-421
Location: Corte-Ajaccio, France,
ISBN: 1-4244-0232-8
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ISEIMA.2006.345034

and also France’s leading archaeologist Dr. Jean Guilane’s ‘The Megalithic Tombs of southern France in their Mediterranean context’. Link here.

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