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The Causses (upland karst) of the Montagnes Noires can seem strange and baffling to those not used to this scrubby stone wasteland. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of low evergreen oaks – which give way to a barren and blinding landscape of limestone ‘pavement’.

Even with GPS coordinates it’s not easy to locate, as there are numerous branching tracks and paths. A very careful study of its position on Google Earth, a good map, and a sketch of the trackway is vital.

The capstone or table is impressive: it measures 2.9 m. by 1.2 m.

The small stones that prop it up would seem to have been recent additions – possibly when the table was lifted back into place?

There are stones heaped up against the side orthostats, and these seem recent too, and may be there to give support though the structure seems perfectly balanced and stable.

There are three orthostats on each side, with the largest on the left, equal in size to the table.

It’s not clear how long the tomb extended since small ‘orthostats’ have been added to each side. The interior shows signs of recent clearance, and some concrete has been bedded to the headstone end. The tumulus measures about 7 m. across.

Posted March 4, 2010 by MH

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