La Gasque oppidum, Minerve   Leave a comment

There’s not much to see : just the southern wall and the remnants of the two corner towers. Below is the south-east corner: the limestone cliffs are the eastern rim of the Gorge du Brian.

Below is the south-western corner tower.

The only plan I can find online is the rather sketchy effort below:

The length is approximately 600 metres, width 100 metres. The layout is clearly visible on Google Earth. The fuzzy lines around the edge represent the slope of land, away from the raised plateau of this Courounelle.

Above is the view east across to the gorge du Briant, and south-east to Minerve. The oppidum dates to the Bronze age, while the name comes from ‘Gascony’ and refers to the mediaeval lookout tower built during the Albigensian upheavals.

Below is a view south, from the middle of the oppidum. In the foreground are the remains of an inner fort wall, with the southern outer defensive wall in the background.

At the eastern edge of this wall are the remains of another tower:

Below is the northern tip of the pear-shaped oppidum, showing the raised earthen bank topped with a stone wall. It is the present-day access point to the 7-hectare site. The area once grew saffron commercially, and is now a raising-ground for pheasant.

Posted April 2, 2010 by MH

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