Les Capitelles de Centeilles   1 comment

Here, close to the lane leading to the chapel, is a restored capitelle – far too modern and angular for the average hermit. Below is a wilder example :

This is the summit of an ordered, unworldly existence – yet displaying a unique mixture of basic architectural styles.

It is set in an idyllic location, just far enough from the mass of pilgrims at the chapel.

This is a two-roomed batchelor’s dwelling, with simple benches of stone, and within two simple corner ledges. Tne single large capstone marks this hut out as belonging to a wealthier sort of monk.

It is set in a garden on several levels with edged paths, an olive tree, and a well.

This is one of the most desirable hermitages in the entire Minervois, with a fine view across the valley to Alaric mountain.

Posted April 19, 2008 by MH

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  1. I cannot find any sources giving an explanation of the capitelles at Coustaussa – shepherds’ huts they might have been, but why so many in such a small area – a village perhaps? Does anyone know where more information can be found?

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