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Third dolmen found at Les Lacs   Leave a comment

I cannot claim any originality about rediscovering this one – or any great effort of research. Bruno Marc mentions it in his guidebook, en passant, as ruiné.  I merely happened upon a Panoramio photo of it while earth-googling recently. It was taken by Jos_S   on July 5  2008. He obligingly supplied accurate  coordinates – which made locating it with my new eTrex basic GPS even easier – though my own fix at   N 43 22.022   E 2 42.890  turns out to be slightly more accurate.

My first post on les Lacs dolmens was exactly two years ago, the day warm and still. This time it was near zero with a biting wind and the last of the winter’s snow.

It’s obvious why this dolmen has been left on the sidelines – it’s not photogenic without its table in place. This photo shows the massive (2m. x 2.5m) capstone in the foreground.

But every megalithic tomb deserves an acccurate description and a precise location – and the carved ‘hole’ in its one main orthostat is worth contemplating. Portholes or châtieres are present in other dolmens of the region – but always at some point of entry, never as a side viewing hole.  The construction is unusual.

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