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There has been very little written about this dolmen. It is mentioned in Jacques Lauriol’s Quelques dolmens oubliés du Sud-Ouest de l’Hérault. [Cahiers Ligures. 1961], and in Jean Arnal’s Les Dolmens du département de l’Hérault. [Préhistoire. 1963]

Michel Barbaza’s Inventaire of 1979 notes both these, and reports that nothing is known of what the tomb might have contained. This may be because it is clearly visible from the road that leads from La Caunette to the hameau de la Garrigue – and was thus well-known to all local inhabitants (and well-ransacked) – or because that indefatigable collector Jean Miquel de Barroubio lived but a few kilometers distant.

It is unusual in that it has retained its tumulus virtually intact – though there are signs that the entrance passage has been emptied and refilled. One climbs down into the burial chamber, which measures 2 metres. It is oriented N – S.

The photo above shows the long, low, single western (right-hand) orthostat – behind and showing above it, are the two eastern orthostats: both 70 cm. tall and about 1m. long.

The chevet or headstone is tall and slim: 1.20m. tall by 70cm. wide.

Above shows the table or capstone, 1.80m. long by 1m. by 20cm. thick. It looks like a piece has broken off.

It would take very little work to replace the capstone, clear and mark the short distance to the road – and thus put this little-known dolmen back on the map.

This report, plus GPS co-ordinates will shortly be available through SESA at Carcassonne – or contact me.

Posted December 28, 2010 by MH

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