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Saved from obscurity: Dolmen de la Pierre des Couteaux   Leave a comment

Few websites mention this dolmen. No current megalithic website – in English or French – seems aware of its existence. But it was discovered, along with the nearby dolmen du Roc Gris, back in 1896, by Monsieur Miquel of Barroubio.

Other archeologists have visited during the 20th. century – but judging by its overgrown state, it seemed likely to be lost to obscurity. My next visit will be with axe and secateur.

The little valley where the two dolmens of La Roueyre are sited, is a particularly sheltered and benign location. With its sunny aspect, good soil and protection from the Tramontane wind – it is a favored corner of the Minervois. Little surprise therefore that I found three portions of Roman pottery during my search: the base and the side of a large and heavy dolium or storage vat, and the bottom tip of an amphora.

For more details and photos, see La Pierre des Couteaux dolmen Page.

La Pierre des Couteaux, or Mère de Dieu dolmen   Leave a comment

The search for this was a typical mix of research and luck – involving name confusion, lack of any toponymic help, misleading  information (possibly deliberate) from old sources, help from a local man – and dogged determination.

And in the end it was my Mary that led us to it!

roueyre dolmen with Mary

For more info and photos, go to Pierre des Couteaux now established as La Mère de Dieu or more commonly, Le Roc Gris dolmen page.