Bellongue dolmen, Fontjoncouse   Leave a comment

It’s another sad wreck of a tomb: unknown to the region’s megalithic expert, ignored by local historians, unmarked on any map. It was searched in the 70’s by Jean Guilaine and Yves Solier – but was found to be empty.

At first look – just three stones standing.

The headstone however, is massive – far larger and wider than any I’ve seen in the region. It’s just over 2 metres wide, and 75 cm. above ground.

It is oriented precisely North-South.

The fourth orthostat can now be seen, on the left. It may have been broken off. The ‘doubling’ or overlapping of orthostats is clear. It’s an architectural oddity that can appear on either side of the sepulchre – but has never been properly addressed, to my knowledge; The ‘cella’ or chamber is about 2 metres long.

The width of the headstone is unusual.

The location of this megalith is interesting: it is in the middle of the map, at le Col de la Louve (the She-Wolf), and a couple of hundred metres from the border-limits of Coustouge and Fontjoncouse (the purple line).

The GPS coordinates can be obtained through S.E.S.A. in Carcassonne, or from me.

Posted November 9, 2010 by MH

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