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Now that the excitement has subsided, and sober sense has prevailed, and the pieces have been replaced, and the authorities notified . . . I shall return to dolmen-hunting.

Here’s what I found:

amphora base

amphora neck

Here is the neck of the amphora, with the handle stump protruding at the bottom. It is lighter and thinner than the handle-stump below.

amphora handle base

This is the stump of the handle, at the neck of the pot or urn.

amphora handle face

This is the amphora handle, or arm.

tegula side view 1

This has now been identified as a tegula or roof-tile. Intact it could weigh 7 kg.

tegula top side

View from above – again it should read: tegula

This will eventually be given a more accurate name than pot.

. . . and this will one day be identified.

Posted May 24, 2008 by MH

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  1. the last one is a load belonging to a loom. Generally, there is a longitudinal hole at the top of the artifact. It was used to hang and load a wire during the weaving.

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