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Disappearing dolmens   Leave a comment

We’re losing dolmens. Every year around here, dolmens go missing. It’s no joke: one day there are two on a map plus a menhir – and then on the new map there are none – just the menhir.

disappearing dolmens
Last week we found one of them – but it too is disappearing fast. Few people go there, no signs point the way, and the paths are no longer trodden by human foot. The tracks are beaten by wild boars and are closing over with dwarf box and juniper.

Bel Soleil dolmen front

The table measured 100 cm square, the right orthostat 80 cm wide by 40 cm showing above earth & rubble; the left 80 x 30 visible. It was hard to make out how far the foot extended: the length cannot have been much more than 1 metre. un dolmen simple

Note: complete text, more photos and a couple of videos, on the Bel Soleil dolmen page >>