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The Fournes menhir, or standing-stone, or boundary mark is not shown on any map – not even at the Parcelles Cadastrales level of IGN’s multi-layer site. It is, however, situated precisely on the boundary-line between the commune of Siran (to the west) and Cesseras (east).

The ridge of exposed grès or sandstone forms a natural division between the two communes. It also provides the material for the two dolmens of Fournes (which also occupy this ridge, to the north and the south) and for the little standing-stone itself.

It only measures just over 1m. tall, by 1m. long, by 30cm. wide. It might have been visible, at some earlier epoch when there may have been less box and ilex – before the soil eroded. But even on the ridge-top, it is not a very imposing structure. In this respect, it resembles the mapped menhir at Bel Soleil.

It does have a distinct shape – and a clear orientation : N/S.

It lacks so many things: the anthropomorphic carvings of warrior or owl-woman of the menhirs of Herault – phallic shape of Picarel – the height of Counozouls – any history or mention or place on the map . . .

. . . and this is why I find lone stones to be problematic. However – it is there and it deserves more than a passing note in a guidebook, as ‘Couché’ – that’s one thing it definitely isn’t.


Posted October 8, 2010 by MH

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