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This is one way to do the circuit of Nitable Roc and la Fenne Prenz – traverse the gorge by hanging from the steel wire [or wade if the water is low]


The descent is hazardous. There is a spring here that supplies many villages.


The climb back up along the GR36 through the woods is straightforward – but finding the west entrance to the tunnel is not.


There is a well-lit chamber with room to stand.


Then it gets dark and low and narrow.


until one emerges at the east end, where there is another spacious chamber, before a final crawl into the light.



A few paces down and one rejoins the GR, at the neck of the gorge. Within a few paces you find yourself crossing a natural stone bridge, above la Caune – cavern – explored by a team of archaeologists led by Jean Guilaine. Ropes are needed to get down there, so that must wait for another day. The GR36 then winds around Nitable and on to Mouthoumet – but to return to the start at Moulintour, a short cut is needed down to the forest road.

Posted February 25, 2008 by MH

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