Palet de Roland dolmen at Villeneuve Minervois   3 comments

The two dolmens are fairly close together, about 3 1/2 km north-east of the village. Leave the centre of the village by the ‘Rue du Dolmen’, a very narrow lane passing to one side of the large fountain, and continue on the road through the new lotissement and steadily uphill for about 3 1/2km. The countryside is beautiful and after the vines you’ll arrive in an area of smallish evergreen oaks. The site has a small car park on the right hand side of the road and an information board
Alternatively, leave the village centre on the D111 towards Caunes. About 500m from the village centre, immediately after the Cave Cooperative which is on your left, turn left. The sign post indicates ‘Dolmens’ amongst other places. Continue straight up the hill for about 3 1/2 km.
The dolmens can be freely visited at any time and two circuits of about 800m have been marked out to assist walkers. The paths are well signed and pass through a small wood of evergreen oaks. Name markers are placed beside many of the plants typical of this region.



Avove is a view from inside, looking 150° S S-W. directly across the valley of the Aude river to Alaric Mountain.


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3 responses to “Palet de Roland dolmen at Villeneuve Minervois

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  1. and there is also a menhir called “la Pierre Droite” on the same roadside. Its shape is strange but it’s a real standing-stone.

  2. I visited this dolmen when the technical services of the town hall was repairing its capstone approximately twenty years ago. As for the dolmen of Palats, this dolmen is called “Palet”. Here, it is Roland, count of Brittany, valorous warlike friend of Charlemagne emperor, who gave his name to the dolmen. Several dolmens in Aude and the Eastern in Pays Basque on August 15, 778. He left his name in many places in south of France.

  3. this place is totally cool looking, I am gonna check it out this summer when we are in the area. Can someone give me some advice on the area? thanks

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