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Not exactly a discovery, as this is sitting in the middle of a stoney track, due south of Le Bouys, and seems to have been cleared quite recently.

Credit for locating this large and well-preserved tomb must go to Jon Knowles, a frequent visitor to the region and an occasional dolmen-hunter, who posted a photo and an account of its approximate location. It is apparently known to local people – but there the trail ends.

Once again I can find no information in any book, or map, or website. It is not referenced anywhere as having been searched by archaeologists, nor is it mentioned by Bruno Marc on his otherwise comprehensive site , nor on the Mégalithes du Monde site , nor Francis Cahuzac’s site Inventaire des mégalithes, polissoirs et hypogées en France.

These are extraordinary omissions when you consider its size and condition :

This dolmen needs to have a name : on the plan cadastrale it is sited on land called Causse Mégié, a word that would appear from etymological searches to be linked to métairie or a share-crop farm. There are other dolmens on the next ‘causse’ to the west, on Grand Causse Mégié, and on Causse Petit.These would be real discoveries . . .

More photos and info on the Causse Mégié dolmen Page, right.


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