Standing Stones and Swimming Pools   1 comment

If you’ve followed any of these recent posts and pages then you’ll know that we are happily situated in the midst of a lot of old stones in the south of France. And while I’m a relatively recent arrival to the online community of stone-seekers, we [Mary & I] are old hands at the holiday business.

We’ve been running an open house for all sorts of courses and speciality weeks for six years now: yoga teachers from the UK come with their groups and we cook for them – painting groups from San Francisco, cookery groups from Cork, Cathar researchers from Dublin – walkers, botanists and birdwatchers : and that’s not counting our own painting and mosaic groups. We have a big pool, great food – and the wine is free.

So we are proposing a week of stone-chasing around one of the lesser-known but still fascinating megalithic centres of southern France.

UPDATE NOTE    I’ve made a fixed page for this post and moved the rest of it over to the Megalithic Holiday in Languedoc Page. So for more info on this holiday offer, please look in the right-hand column.


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